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Frequently Asked Questions

In order to be on the FDA approved appetite suppressants, it is a requirement to meet with one of our providers.


There are no major side effects from any of our medications, and there has never been any negative long-term side effects associated with the prescription appetite suppressants we prescribe.

We do not bill insurance. However, we do accept many forms of payment and financing including month to month weight loss program payments and the CareCredit® credit card. Many people choose to use their HSA or FSA accounts, which we also accept. If you have a specific diagnoses and are able to work out an arrangement with your insurance, we are happy to provide a detailed letter outlining our program and your specific needs/diagnoses that you may submit to them. 

No. We do not promote a quick fix weight loss and we do not agree to false advertising with promotions such as “lose 20 pounds per week” or “40 pounds in 40 days”, etc. No matter what program we put you on, we are not able to monitor all of your food intake. If you eat fast food daily, you will not lose weight. If you follow our program as directed, you will lose weight.

NO. It is the position of the Obesity Medicine Association that the use of HCG for weight loss is not recommended. Additionally, the FDA and FTC recently deemed the use of HCG for weight loss to be fraudulent and illegal.


Yes. Not only is our program safe, but it is effective.

No. You do not have to purchase our protein shakes, bars, etc. Our program promotes healthy eating with a lifestyle change. You can continue to eat dinner with your family and go out to restaurants just like everyone else.

Everyone is different in terms of how much weight they will lose in a given time. Our first month average is between 10 and 15 pounds, then 1-3 pounds/week for normal healthy weight loss.

We have multiple high-grade pharmaceutical supplements to aid in weight loss, as well as multiple FDA approved prescription appetite suppressants. These can include phentermine (Adipex), phendimetrazine (Bontril), and benzphetamine (Didrex).

The consultation will take approximately 20-30 minutes. We will go over your health history, obtain your weight, BMI, comprehensive body fat analysis, and go over the program in-depth.


If you are receiving LipoDenPlus injections, twice weekly follow-ups consist of taking your weight and giving you a shot. There are no appointments needed for the injections. The injections must be spaced at least 72 hours apart. We recommend getting LipoDen Plus injections twice a week for maximum benefits.


No! We have multiple options for controlling hunger.


The goal of our program is not only short-term weight loss, but also long-term weight maintenance. We teach you how to modify your lifestyle so that when you lose the weight, you will maintain those results.


The length of time people participate on our program varies widely. You may only need a month, or you may need a year depending on your individual situation. There is no charge to stop by for a weigh-in. In fact, we even encourage it!


Yes, we use a highly sophisticated software system that is interconnected, allowing us to access your account at any of our four locations.


Most people will come to the office once or twice a week for an injection and weigh-in. You will get the most benefit by receiving the injections twice weekly.


We do have kid-safe Get Thin Packets that can be used for children as young as age 7. The appetite suppressants are FDA approved for ages 16 and above.


Yes! Our goal is to get you to lose weight so that you no longer need to be on multiple medications.


We accept cash and all major credit cards. We are unable to accept checks and we do not participate with insurance companies.  We do, however, accept HSA (Health Savings Account) and FSA (Flexible Spending Accounts).


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