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Medically Supervised Weight Loss

Medical Weight Loss Programs

It all starts with a consultation.

Every person has a unique story and reasons for why they need to lose weight. It’s important to know that our program is individualized; Forum Health Medical Weight Loss does not take a cookie-cutter approach for any patient.

At every Forum Health Medical Weight Loss clinic, you can’t get started without an initial consultation. We do this to learn more about you, your lifestyle, and your weight loss goals. Our purpose is to enhance your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing by improving your overall health and wellness in order to enjoy life to the fullest.


About Us

The Forum Health Medical Weight Loss Method

Forum Health Medical Weight Loss was developed by a Board Certified Obesity Medicine Physician. We have assisted over 10,000 patients through their weight loss journey over the past 15 years. The program is supervised by our Medical Director and all patients are initially seen by a certified medical provider.

We want you to succeed with not only your short-term goal, but also your long term weight maintenance. It’s important to note that ALL initial consultations will be with a certified medical provider. Our patients are provided with unlimited, ongoing support throughout their weight loss journey.

We provide our patients with continued support while they are on our program. Our active patients meet with the weight loss coaches weekly and can set up a time to meet with our medical providers as needed and with no additional charge.

How Our Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program Works

Our program is medically supervised from start to finish.

You will meet with a certified medical provider during your initial consultation. Then you will see our trained weight loss coaches during the weight loss phase of your plan. Once you have obtained your goal weight, you will meet with the physician or physician assistant to go over your numbers and how they have changed from the initial consultation.


What to Expect

On your journey to medical weight loss.

You can expect your initial consultation to last around 30 minutes- at which time you will be meeting with a medical provider. We will design and develop a plan that is specific to your individual needs. After this, you will meet with one of our highly trained medical assistants/weight loss coaches who will discuss some of the program in more depth.

Most patients will come to the office twice weekly to meet with our weight loss coaches, to get an injection and to weigh in. Our continued support and accountability will help you to reach your goal weight and we will be there for you during your maintenance as well.

You will be comfortable from the start of your journey until you reach your weight loss goal. We specialize in weight loss and understand the struggles that you will face along your journey. Throughout the process you will get the support, nutritional guidance and accountability necessary to keep you on track in order to obtain your ultimate goal.

We have numerous tips and tricks to help you to achieve your long term weight loss goals. We do not just focus on short term weight loss, but also on long term weight maintenance. We do not subscribe to any quick weight loss fads or gimmicks.

Before & After Medical Weight Loss

Successes from our patients across Michigan.

Hear From Our Patients

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Get Started

Your journey to safe, long-lasting weight loss & maintenance starts here.

Use our Lifestyle Analysis Tool to learn about the different weight loss strategies that might work best for your unique needs.

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