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What Are Forever Chemicals? How to Detox Your Body and Prevent Disease


How forever chemicals affect your health and ways to support your liver and detox pathways to eliminate them from the body.

Did you know there are substances known as “forever chemicals” that make their way into your food, water and even the air? Scientifically known as per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), these human-made chemicals are used for their non-stick and grease, oil, and water-resistant properties. They are found in food packaging, cookware, vehicles, housewares, and more.  

They can pose significant risks to human health and the ecosystem because they do not break down easily and accumulate over time, thus getting the name forever chemicals. Not only do they build up in the environment, but they can also accumulate in your body through skin contact, ingestion or inhalation.  

Effects of forever chemicals on the body:

  • Increased risk of cancer: Some PFAS compounds have been classified as potential carcinogens by regulatory agencies and associated with cancers including kidney, ovarian, prostate and testicular.


  • Hormonal disruptions: Forever chemicals can interfere with the normal functioning of hormones in the body, potentially leading to reproductive problems, thyroid disorders, and developmental issues in children.


  • Liver and kidney damage: Prolonged exposure to PFAS has been associated with liver and kidney damage, affecting your body’s ability to detoxify harmful substances and maintain overall health.


  • Developmental effects: Exposure to PFAS during pregnancy may have adverse effects on fetal development, including low birth weight, delayed development, and negative effects on the immune system.


  • Immune system dysfunction: PFAS exposure has been linked to immune system suppression, reducing the ability of the body to fight off infections and diseases.


  • Metabolism Disruption: Toxins can disrupt your metabolism, which may lead to weight gain or hinder weight loss efforts. For example, certain chemicals can interfere with thyroid function, which plays a crucial role in metabolism regulation.

  • Fat Cell Function: Toxins can affect how your body stores and releases fat. They may disrupt the function of adipose (fat) tissue, leading to an increase in fat storage or difficulty in releasing stored fat for energy.

Although it may be difficult to eliminate your exposure to forever chemicals completely, there are ways to reduce contact and protect yourself from their harmful effects.

  • Read labels and choose PFAS-free products. Many labels will advertise as being PFAS-free or made without per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances. 

  • Cookware and containers – Stainless steel cookware, natural fiber textiles, and glass food storage containers are great options to avoid ingesting forever chemicals from your food. In household items, cosmetics, and personal care products, look for PFAS-containing ingredients, such as perfluoro or polyfluoro compounds.

  • Filter your water with a system capable of removing PFAS contaminants or use a certified water filter pitcher. And properly dispose of PFAS-containing products like non-stick pans or stain-resistant fabrics to prevent PFAS from entering landfills or water sources.

  • Sweat it out with exercise or infrared saunas. Your body is naturally able to detox from harmful chemicals and sweating is a great way to access those detox pathways.  

Help your liver detox from forever chemicals.

Even when you’re doing everything “right’ you may still be exposed to forever chemicals. Dr. Casebolt of Forum Health Greenville recommends detoxing at least twice a year with The Gut Detox Program GDRx. 

Hear from Dr. Casebolt in this video on the importance of prevention to keep your liver and detox pathways heathy from forever chemicals!  

Minimizing the impact and taking proactive measures when it comes to forever chemicals can help keep you healthy long-term. From choosing PFAS-free products to advocating for change with where you invest your money, each action you take contributes to a safer and healthier future. 

To learn more about detoxing from forever chemicals and how they may be affecting your health

schedule a visit with your Forum Health Medical Weight Loss provider.