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PRP Facials

PRP Facials in Michigan

This medical, non-surgical facial has the power to restore your complexion!

Forum Health Medical Weight Loss in Michigan stays on top of all the latest and most trusted techniques for skin rejuvenation. One of the more popular treatments over the last few years has been our PlasmaGlow Facial.

This facial combines the restorative power of two treatment approaches—microneedling and blood plasma—to reveal luminous skin.  Your results: brighter, clearer skin that gets better with time.

Vampire Facial Benefits

Improved appearance of premature lines and wrinkles

Restored even skin tone

Freshen dull & damaged skin

Reveal a fresh & luminous complexion

Stimulated cell turnover

Helps your skin function optimally

Increased collagen

Boosts elastin production

Promotes antioxidant and hydrating properties

What is a PRP Facial?

The procedure will involve performing microneedling to create hundreds of tiny, invisible wounds in the treatment area. In addition to promoting collagen production, this process allows the blood plasma to deeply penetrate your skin.

The results of your PlasmaGlow facial will emerge gradually as your body responds to the plasma by growing fresh collagen. Over time, visibly clearer, brighter and more youthful skin will appear. Many of our clients notice impressive results after just one session, though we recommend three treatments for an optimal transformation.


Both treatments are highly effective when it comes to improving texture and reducing the signs of aging. The main difference between the two, however, is that a PlasmaGlow Facial in West Bloomfield uses blood derived growth factors. While this means that a PlasmaGlow Facial may take slightly longer, the recovery time is actually reduced since the treatment uses your own body’s natural healing properties and growth factors.

A PlasmaGlow facial is safe for all skin types! The procedure works for anyone looking to rejuvenate their facial appearance and stimulate deeper collagen production beneath the surface of the skin. However, if you have difficulties when it comes to drawing blood, seeing blood, or with needles, you may need to consider this treatment more carefully. Our providers can help you determine the right treatment for your specific needs during your initial consultation.

The results of a PlasmaGlow Facial are long-lasting, but they aren’t permanent. Most patients can expect to see noticeable benefits right away, with full results coming after a series of three treatments. However, the results will last about one year, after which we recommend additional treatments to maintain your results.

Yes you can! We use the treatments in numerous different areas throughout the body at Forum Health Medical Weight Loss. Although no two treatments are exactly the same, blood derived growth factors can provide lasting benefits for treatments such as hair restoration, joint pain reduction, male and female sexual enhancement, and more.

While both a PlasmaGlow Facial and a PlasmaGlow Facelift utilize blood derived growth factors to get beautiful results, the difference is in their approach. A PlasmaGlow Facial uses microneedling to work deeper in the skin to fight the signs of aging, while a PlasmaGlow Facelift plumps and smooths the skin with hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers to plump and smooth the skin.

To learn more about PRP facials, contact us or find a vampire facial nearby.


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