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Vitamin D Injections


Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin! This means that when our body has an abundance of it, it gets stored in body tissue instead of being excreted through your urine. So, if a person has too much stored in their body, it could be potentially dangerous. 

Did you know? Vitamin D is also a hormone! Its primary function is cell management. Throughout your body, your cells are constantly reproducing and multiplying, and every single one of your cells has a vitamin D receptor. Occasionally, something will go wrong, and a cell will mutate. Luckily, vitamin D can send signals through its receptor on the cell and into that cell’s nucleus to tell the cell how to repair itself. If the cell is not repairable, vitamin D can also tell it how to destroy itself that way it won’t multiply and spread throughout your body! This is ultimately how vitamin D is known to prevent cancer considering is prevents mutated (cancer) cells from multiplying!

More than 90% of our needed vitamin D is created when the skin is exposed to the sun (UVB light). The other 10% comes from food. But when the sun goes away, our vitamin D levels deplete causing everyone to be sad, sick, and sluggish during the winter. This is why our vitamin D injections are so great right now!

Vitamin D also works hand-in-hand with our calcium levels. The body needs vitamin D in order to absorb calcium. Without vitamin D, one can’t form enough of the hormone called calcitriol, which is “active vitamin D”. Calcitrol increases the level of calcium in the blood by increasing the amount of calcium that is absorbed through the food and supplements we take! The more calcitrol we have, the more calcium will get absorbed in the body therefore preventing calcium being excreted in the urine. So if there is low calcitrol, then the body is forced to take calcium from existing stores in the skeleton, which in turn, weakens your bones and prevents forming strong, new bones.

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