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Multifunction Cardiogram™ Scan

Introducing the Multifunction Cardiogram™ Scan

Unfortunately, in cardiovascular care, most people don’t seek assistance until they begin to experience symptoms or have a heart attack. Did you know that approximately 30% of heart attacks are silent and, in the majority (over 50%) of cardiac-related deaths, the heart attack was the first symptom? 

Listen as Forum Health’s Kimberly Cabe FNP-BC discusses the Multifunction Cardiogram™ and its life-saving benefits! 

The Multifunction Cardiogram™ scan is the first early detection device for heart disease and other underlying cardiac issues such as:

  • Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) in all stages, including early onset
  • Microvascular Disease, a widespread problem for women left undetected by other methods
  • Rhythm Disturbances, even before they are noticed by most patients
  • Heart Stiffening before heart failure is a clinical entity
  • Myocarditis (cases on the rise since COVID)
  • Plaque Instabilities
  • Even low-level Occlusion with high sensitivity

How does it work?

The Multifunction Cardiogram™ is FDA approved and has been used to test over 2M patients worldwide. With AI technology (artificial intelligence), the MCG™ gets smarter every time a test is run. It is the most comprehensive and accurate heart test available.  

It is similar to a 10-minute resting EKG. No prep is needed. You just lie still and relax while the test scans you and collects data. The MCG™ looks at the functionality of your heart – how well the blood is flowing in and out of the heart and the condition of the heart muscle.   

Once the data is collected, it is transmitted to a server where your data is compared to a database of 200,000 patients with known cardiovascular disease as determined by the gold standard, angiogram. It compares your markers to their markers and assigns an objective overall heart dysfunctional burden score of 0-22. The MCG™ scoring system is like golf – the lower the score, the better! 

A written diagnostic report is generated and sent to your physician via a secure HIPAA compliant website. Your information will not be revealed to any other source. The report reveals whether you have local ischemia, global ischemia or both along with 26 other indicators of disease and inflammation (Myocarditis, left or right sided blockages, rhythm disturbances, congenital heart defects, stiffening of the heart wall, etc.).  

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 This scan is intended to detect early signs of cardiac issues. If you have severe symptoms, seek immediate emergency assistance.  


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