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Overview of our Program


Every year, more and more Americans struggle with weight gain and obesity. Excess weight strains the organs of the body, such as the heart and lungs, causing an array of chronic disorders for many middle-aged Americans. This is why weight management is a deeply important issue. 

However, finding a medical weight loss program is a challenge. Even worse, many weight loss plans promise results that never work. We are different. We believe in approaching each patient we visit as a unique individual. Whether you’re male or female, young or old, we believe we can help you. We consider the profile of the patient as a whole, considering the big picture while narrowing into the small details. We treat patients on a holistic level which ensures they receive the help they need. With added supervision and accountability, we also create long-lasting results that brighten the lives of our patients every day.

What We Do Differently

Our program aims to address all issues pertaining to weight gain. This includes diving deep into our patients’ mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. We want every patient to feel their best without sacrificing the parts of their life that matter most. We accomplish these long-term weight loss results using a carefully constructed process that is customized to each patient we meet. 

Our team of certified medical professionals understand the deeply impactful nature of weight loss. We strive to understand our patients’ concerns and goals, meeting them where they are to take them where they want to go. From the first consultation to the maintenance appointment, Forum Health Medical Weight Loss creates a health-focused medical grade program that is designed to fit into each patient’s unique lifestyle, generating short term success with long term results.

The Consultation

The path to long term, healthy weight loss begins with a medical consultation.

A medical consultation allows you to meet with one of our certified medical professionals to get an accurate, in depth look into the problems concerning your weight. This consultation is key to getting a full sketch of who you are as a person, not just as a patient. This information allows us to construct a weight loss plan that works for you. Eating healthier and lifestyle changes do not have to be sudden. We believe in gradual progress that targets problems efficiently and specifically. With multiple weight loss locations near you in the Michigan area, you can access safe and effective treatments no matter where you live. 

Every person is unique, which means that there are many problems that intermingle and affect long term weight loss. We find that many of our patients that seek us out also have ongoing medical issues. This is why we decided that it’s important to make sure every patient that enters our doors is evaluated by a medical professional from our team. Our team’s extensive knowledge allows our medical consultations to be thorough and beneficial.

What We Look For During Consultation

Body Measurements

We look at everything. This includes taking your blood pressure, using our medical grade scale that can calculate your body mass index (BMI) based on your standing weight, calculating your body fat percentage, your muscle mass percentage, your percentage of body water, and your resting energy expenditure (REE). This part of the consultation gives us the numbers we need to create a profile of your body and your body’s needs. We also use this to add context to or spot any ongoing medical issues that currently hinder your weight loss.

Medical history

We also go into the medications and surgeries from your medical history. This means going over any medications and previous or planned surgeries. This helps us prescribe the best, most effective weight loss programs and treatments without causing any problematic interferences with your medications. Surgeries also interfere with weight loss. For example, if you have had a gastric sleeve surgery recently, we would like to know this information to know the date of your surgery, where you had your surgery, and any complications involved in the surgery. Medications and surgeries significantly add stress to the body, so having all this information prepared for the consultation ensures we have a high level of transparency for safe and preventive weight loss results.

Lifestyle Factors

During the lifestyle portion of the consultation, a licensed medical professional from our team goes over your diet, your daily exercise, your work situation, and other responsibilities and hobbies you partake in.  By reviewing your diet, we can understand your eating habits. These eating habits are integral to understand the source of your weight loss struggle. We go over the type of food you eat, your preferences for meals, how often you eat, any allergies you may have, and your typical serving size. Exercise is just as important. For many people, especially those working remotely, exercise is minimal. However, exercise is not only good for the body, but for the mind as well. Exercise improves mood, ability to focus, and even sex drive. We take into account your various exercise routines throughout the week. This helps us get an idea of how active you are. In turn, we can recommend a weight loss plan that keeps your lifestyle as much of the same as possible. We find the less invasive a weight loss program is, the better it works for long term weight loss results.

This is also where we discuss any goals you have. For some of our patients, their weight loss goal might mean losing and maintaining 20 pounds. For some patients, their weight loss goal might mean losing and maintaining 100 pounds. Either way, Forum Health Medical Weight Loss has a team of medical professionals that are empathetic to your situation. By discussing your goals, we can begin discussing your best weight loss program that actually works.

Starting the Medical Weight Loss Program

Once we have all this information from you, our team of licensed medical professionals work diligently to create a medical weight loss plan that works for you.

The second half of the medical weight loss consultation goes over a medical weight loss proposal. This proposal breaks down key areas of your lifestyle that sabotage your weight loss goals. This medical weight loss proposal  is based on your goals and the calculations we obtain. We then advise you on healthy eating habits that break down your calorie, protein and water goals. We also include exercise recommendations that work with your particular body type and lifestyle, guaranteeing a fun fitness routine that boosts your weight loss goal. We will also walk you through required supplements, suggest weight loss injections, and prescribe certain appetite suppressants if we consider it helpful for your particular situation.


Maintenance ensures your weight loss journey does not repeat itself, otherwise known as weight cycling. To avoid weight cycling, once diet and exercise is addressed, we then provide you with one of our trained weight loss coaches. A weight loss coach works with you directly, discussing your weekly diet and fitness goals. They also answer any questions you have about your medical weight loss program, such as length of the medical weight loss program, the supplements, and more. These meetings occur twice weekly. This ensures you are staying on track with an accountability partner. We find that having accountability creates a support system that makes weight loss easier and even fun! 

Along with weight-loss coaches,  our trained staff of physician assistants are always on standby prepared to assist you on your weight loss journey. This includes providing nutrition coaches, such as what foods to eat to achieve fullness or what foods to avoid when you have cravings. We can provide multiple tips to help with the struggles that come along with losing weight. It’s important to remember that it’s going to be a lifestyle – not a diet. We do not push packages of prepared meals, bars or shakes! While we have them on hand to utilize if necessary, they are certainly not a required part of your medical weight loss program with the Forum Health Medical Weight Loss program. We believe in making sure your lifestyle is realistic enough for you to do naturally. By getting into the habit of eating healthy, balanced meals and exercising regularly, patients through Forum Health Medical Weight Loss receive safe, effective, and long-lasting results!

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