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An Obesity Doctor in Novi Explains Its Impacts On Children & Adults


Obesity can have devastating effects on both the bodies and minds of children and adults alike. In many cases, entire families can struggle with their weight due to a cycle of genetic issues and learned habits. 

Forum Health Medical Weight Loss has helped thousands of people across the area achieve healthy, sustainable weight loss results. This includes several families who have completed our medically supervised weight loss programs together. If you’re unsure about visiting an obesity doctor in Novi and starting a family weight loss program, read on below to learn the negative effects that come with remaining obese.

Physical Complications

From a physical standpoint, obesity has the potential to debilitate every aspect of your health. Hypertension, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes are some of the most common issues. These complications tend to build up and worsen over time, which can cause a fatal health event such as heart attack or stroke. Heart disease and certain cancers can also develop as ongoing complications later in life.

Obesity can also lead to noticeable problems in your everyday life as well. Every time you walk, your body has to exert a certain amount of force that requires body weight to do so. The more weight a person carries, the harder their joints have to work to perform basic functions. Due to this, children and adults with obesity are more likely to suffer from joint problems—particularly in the knees and hips. 

Children and adults may also experience problems with both sleeping and breathing due to obesity—possibly at the same time. Children with obesity are more likely to develop asthma, and people of all ages may experience sleep apnea—which is when your breath stops and starts repeatedly while asleep. 

Emotional Problems

As we’ve mentioned, most people with weight problems are painfully aware of their issues. As much as we try to be happy in our own skin, it can be hard if you don’t like what you see in the mirror. 

It doesn’t help when other people remind you of that fact. While adults aren’t immune to it, children especially can face bullying and teasing from weight issues—causing damage to their self-esteem. 

This may lead to an increased risk of anxiety, depression, shame, and social isolation. Not only can this affect relationships, but it may also hurt a person’s ability to perform school or work tasks. This can have a spiraling effect. People feel anxious or depressed about one thing—which leads to problems in another area of life—and those problems then feed back into those previous emotional issues.

Don’t Put Off Losing Weight—Visit an Obesity Doctor in Novi Today

Forum Health Medical Weight Loss is at the forefront of the latest weight loss advancements. If you and your family are searching for family obesity treatment in Rochester Hills, Novi, Shelby, Clarkston, or West Bloomfield, our team can help.

We offer a dedicated staff of medical professionals who care about your health and wellness, and will work tirelessly to assist you in finding long-term solutions. We are highly trained, highly experienced, and we want to help you! Reach out to us today and our team will happily go over all of your options, and answer any questions regarding your health and potential treatments. 

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