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The Difference Between Prescription Weight Loss Pills And Over-the-Counter Pills


Over-the-counter (OTC) medicines have their place and purpose. When used correctly, they can be highly effective at treating your ailments. When it comes to losing weight, however, people should be wary of OTC supplements and pills that claim to be a weight loss solution. 

At Forum Health Medical Weight Loss, we can provide patients with safe and effective prescription weight loss pills and supplements. All of our supplements are hand-selected by medical professionals based on the needs and goals of the individual. This makes them a more effective alternative to OTC weight-loss supplements.

One of the main reasons for caution comes down to safety. OTC weight-loss supplements don’t go through the same rigorous set of standards as pharmaceutical supplements. This means they might not only be ineffective, but they may also even be potentially dangerous. While the FDA can monitor and recall OTC weight loss supplements at any time, they can essentially be sold without any proof that they actually work. 

Prescription weight loss pills and supplements, however, tend to have a much higher rate of success. Pharmaceutical supplements are only prescribed and dispensed by a medical professional. This ensures that the pharmaceutical supplements prescribed to you are individually suited for your unique needs and goals. Not to mention, prescription supplements are often more powerful due to their higher dosage.

Because they’re also prescribed to you by a medical professional, using pharmaceutical supplements is often much safer than OTC. All prescription weight loss pills and supplements are regulated through the FDA’s New Drug Application program, further enhancing their safety. As part of this program, pharmaceutical supplements are rigorously tested.

With that being said, a pharmaceutical weight loss supplement isn’t necessarily safe for every person. Each person has their own unique body type, medical history, and body tolerances. What is safe and effective for one person might be dangerous for another.

All pharmaceutical supplements and dosages are tailored to the individual. This means that the use of these supplements by a person not prescribed could have dangerous outcomes. That’s why all prescription supplements received from Forum Health Medical Weight Loss should only be used by the patient they’re intended for.

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At Forum Health Medical Weight Loss, you’ll benefit from our professional weight-loss management program. In addition to a personalized weight loss plan, we can provide you with additional weight loss and appetite control supplements in Michigan. As part of our plan, we take each aspect of your diet, lifestyle, activity level, travel plans, and more into account. With the information you provide, our team will create a specifically tailored plan that’s designed to help you reach your goals.

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