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Reaching Your Goal Weight Through the Best Weight Loss Program in Rochester Hills, MI

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It’s no shock that losing weight is challenging. Making changes to your lifestyle through a new diet and exercise routine can feel like a big shift. And this isn’t a quick fix; it takes time to reach your goals, and even more time (and patience) to maintain them.

Studies show that more than half of Americans want to be healthier, yet about 73% of people who set weight loss resolutions give up on them. While many of us have stuck to a new routine for a week or two, staying consistent is where the true test lies. 

Rather than blaming yourself for feeling unmotivated, trust the experienced weight loss doctors at Forum Health Medical Weight Loss for complete, personalized care. Our team of professional nutrition experts and weight loss coaches work together to help make this lifestyle shift more manageable. Here’s everything you need to know about the best weight loss program in Rochester Hills, MI.

Creating a new diet for your weight loss program

When it comes to losing weight, your diet is half of the equation. Our weight management clinic in Clarkston offers goal-specific nutritional guidance, so we can create a personalized meal plan and help keep you accountable!

As the clinic with the best weight loss program in Rochester Hills, MI, our team understands that a lot of people love food, and we’re not trying to change that! We still want you to enjoy cooking and eating; we’re just here to help you adjust what and how much you’re eating so you can make meaningful progress towards your goals. 

We work with you to select a wide variety of healthy recipes and meal replacement options, and provide insider tips to get you started. From there, we’ll meet weekly so you can weigh in and we can evaluate your progress, cheer you on, and adjust your plan as needed. 

Calorie deficits

Balancing your calorie intake with how many calories you burn is key to navigating your weight loss timeline. A calorie deficit refers to eating less calories than you burn, allowing you to lose weight most effectively! The number of calories you should eat during your weight loss journey depends on your age, weight, sex, and other factors. However, even if you eat 100 calories less every day for a year, it will add up to a 10 pound annual weight loss.

Here’s an expert tip from the team at the best weight loss program in Rochester Hills, MI: mind what you’re drinking! You can make simple changes to your go-to drinks, such as your coffee in the morning (which contains an average of 53% of your daily sugars!). For example, if you normally get a caramel latte, try switching out whole milk for skim or almond, and the syrup for a sugar-free alternative. 

Alcohol also tends to be high in calories and sugars and can lead to severe bloating. Plus, you don’t tend to make the most healthy snack choices or have the energy to exercise in the morning when you’ve been drinking excessively. Wine in moderation is a great alternative to many other options, as it has a relatively low sugar and calorie count!

Recognizing poor eating habits

Developing unhealthy eating habits is a bodily reaction to stress. “Stress eating” is just one of the common food-related coping mechanisms, which can lead to weight gain. Stress eating, also known as emotional eating, is a response to negative feelings rather than hunger. 

While it can be difficult to decipher when you are stress eating, beginning to switch out these foods for healthier alternatives may be the first step. We highly recommend that you schedule a consultation so we can help you understand your eating habits in order to most safely and effectively address them. 

Another common struggle that we see among weight loss patients is that they aren’t drinking enough water, and are drinking too many other beverages. Dehydration can affect your energy levels, gut health, circulation, focus, and much more. While it ranges depending on your weight, gender, and other factors, most adults should consume about 2-3 cups of water per hour, and even more when you’re sweating. 

Overall, food is not the enemy. Think of food as your fuel; your body relies on the nutrients from food to produce the energy to exercise. So, it all comes down to what you’re eating, which the nutritional coaches at the best weight loss program in Rochester Hills, MI can help you nail down. 

Developing an exercise routine for your weight loss program

Finding the right balance between your diet and exercise for weight loss is crucial—the other half of our equation. Going from never working out to HIIT exercises twice a day just isn’t realistic, which is why we see so many New Year’s resolutions flop. This is when it’s time for an expert to step in who can help you create a realistic exercise routine. 

As the provider of the best weight loss program in Rochester Hills, MI our team understands that your life doesn’t revolve around exercise. Rather, we view exercise as a stepping stone to leading your happiest and healthiest life. Not only will you see a difference in your physique, but also your mood thanks to the increased serotonin production!

So, how often do you need to exercise and what kinds of exercise will work for you? There’s no universal answer to these big questions, so you’ll need to come in for a consultation first. Once we’ve gained an understanding of your goals and commitments, we’ll create a workout plan just for you! 

Keep in mind that every workout has a unique purpose. If you’re looking to gain muscle, we may include weight lifting in your routine, while if you’re looking to slim down, there will likely be a heavier focus on cardio.

What does a healthy weight loss timeline look like?

So, how fast can you expect to reach your goal physique? Everyone is different, but as the best weight loss program in Rochester Hills, MI we can work with you to plan your timeline.

Overcoming plateaus in your weight loss journey

Experiencing plateaus is completely normal. However, we understand that a sudden halt to continuous improvement can be discouraging, so we offer a range of options for overcoming weight loss plateaus!

Our team can help you reevaluate and shift your nutrition and exercise habits to better challenge your improved physique. Plus, our office offers a range of the highest quality supplements and injections specifically crafted for kickstarting your weight loss. These options target specific concerns, such as your colon health and low metabolism, so we highly recommend coming into our specialty labs to evaluate your current health beforehand.

The best weight loss program in Rochester Hills, MI for fast changes

Want to look your best for an upcoming wedding, vacation, or other special event? Attempting to lose weight quickly on your own can be dangerous, so you should always seek professional guidance. 

Our Jumpstart Plan includes personalized diet plans (including meal replacements and groceries) spread over 4 weeks. You can also add on hormone therapy, a liquid diet, or weight loss injections depending on your current hormone levels, age, and overall health. This plan is completely safe and effective, so you can feel good about receiving compliments when the big day comes! 

Maintaining your weight loss results

Once you’ve achieved your weight loss goals, sticking to your new and improved lifestyle is essential to staying in shape. After all, a study from Medical Clinics of North America found that more than half of participants regained 50% of the weight lost, and gained an extra 30% by the 5 year mark. Once you’ve regained the weight, losing it again is often more difficult than before due to hormonal and physiological changes

This is just another reason to participate in the best weight loss program in Rochester Hills, MI , because we understand that the work doesn’t stop one you’re satisfied with a number. Our weight management experts will keep you accountable. We recommend patients who have remained within 5% of their goal weight to stay on our management program, and patients who have gained more than 5% to return to the full program.

Come to Forum Health Medical Weight Loss for the best weight loss program in Rochester Hills, MI!

Ready to gain access to expert guidance and support throughout your weight loss journey? Forum Health Medical Weight Loss offers the best weight loss program in Rochester Hills, MI, and it’s completely personalized to suit your current health, goals, budget, and timeline. Since 2006, we’ve helped over 10,000 patients successfully lose weight!

Your journey to the happiest, healthiest version of you starts here. Contact us to set up your consultation, where we’ll nail down your weight loss goals and get to work on your unique plan. For instant treatment recommendations, don’t forget to try our virtual lifestyle analysis tool. We can’t wait to help you enjoy life to the fullest!

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