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Treatments for Hormone Imbalances from a Hormone Specialist in Michigan


Hormones control almost all of your body’s basic functions. These biological messengers help your cells communicate and keep your body, mind, mood, and sex drive in balance.

As we age, our hormone systems function suboptimally or become unbalanced, leading to serious effects on physical and mental health and wellbeing—not to mention the possible negative effects on your marriage and other relationships.

The hormone specialists at Forum Health Medical Weight Loss help men and women find a balance in their hormones to feel more like themselves again.

What sets Forum Health Medical Weight Loss hormone imbalance treatments apart?

Traditional hormone therapy relies on hormones from sources outside the human body. These may be produced in a lab as synthetic hormones or may come from sources like pregnant horse urine. These hormones have subtle differences from the ones produced by our bodies and can produce unintended effects when put into a human.

As the best hormone specialists in Michigan, we turn to bioidentical hormones. These hormones are chemically identical to the hormones already naturally produced by your body. This means that the hormone can function optimally and requires no additional synthesis or processing by your endocrine system.

Additionally, we find bioidentical hormone therapy to be advantageous because we can more effectively monitor your hormone levels. Since the treatments we provide are recognized as your own hormones, they show up on standard lab tests whereas standard hormone replacements may go undetected by tests.

Visit the hormone specialists at Forum Health Medical Weight Loss!

When you work with Forum Health Medical Weight Loss, you’ll benefit from professional support and years of experience.

If you feel the symptoms of hormone imbalance, we can help with bioidentical hormone replacement.

Contact us today and see the difference that experienced, professional hormone specialists can provide!